Tri Fusion

Patent Pending Technology

Tri Fusion is a brand-new patent pending coating technology that is the first of its kind. We have developed a unique and durable coating process which allows us to apply virtually any graphic to a countless number of material types including metal, plastic, wood, polymers, glass and more. Tri Fusion coatings will not flake or rub off. The coating becomes embedded to the material it is applied to, making it as strong as the substrate itself.

About The Technology

Other coating technologies are applied to the outside of an item which exposes it to scratching, UV or abrasion. Tri-Fusion is molecularly bonded to the material so it becomes a permanent part of the medium itself.

Physical performance properties include:

  • corrosion resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • impact resistance
  • UV resistant
  • Tri-Fusion coatings are also available in many different finishes including High Gloss and Matte.